Technical Specification

Technical Specification

A cedar clad, affordable, attractive addition to your property. Built in a durable material, this delightful structure is a simple way of creating additional space to your home, without the upheaval of major building works.

At Horto all our garden rooms are designed to fuse together a carefully selected blend of modern composite components and natural sustainable timbers to create a fully insulated all year round usable space.

Your Horto garden room has been meticulously designed by our structural engineer, once complete, the building will withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use. This ensures your new outdoor space will not deflect, rotate, vibrate excessively or collapse, and that it remains stable and secure throughout its use.



Our most common foundation for your Horto garden room, is  a concrete mini pile with customised steel anchors – engineered designed to not only support the imposed weight, but to also ensure lateral restraint. However, there are occasions when ground conditions will not permit this system to be used and in its place we would use a concrete raft foundation with brick plinth, also engineered designed.


Floor & Walls

Fully insulated rigid structural wall and floor design, externally clad in high grade Western Red Cedar or composite alternatives and internally finished with a traditional plasterboard and skim surface. Fully insulated, moisture resistant sub-deck with a further insulated laminate floor.



Fully insulated Trapezoidal structural interlocking polyester coated metal panel roof system.


Windows & Doors

As standard, all windows and doors are double glazed anthracite PVCu. This package can be upgraded to powder-coated aluminium.



Your garden room will come with a comprehensive electrical package, insulated laminate flooring and skirting boards.