Booming Business of Health and Wellness Helps Boost Horto Garden Room Sales

The health and wellness industry is an emerging niche market for Horto Garden Rooms and the company has seen a noticeable increase in demand for its products in this growing sector.

The sector is developing rapidly and it is not too difficult to understand why. Part of this boom relates to the growing appeal for adopting healthy practices designed to lower our stress levels.  The increasing value we place on our mental, physical and emotional health rather than material objects, is another identified factor. In an age where many wish to catalogue their lives on social media, feeling great, looking good and sleeping soundly are the new luxuries that people also want to flaunt and take pleasure in.

Ellen Robinson from Horto explains “sadly it is so common in the switched-on, digital world that we now live in, people can struggle with stress and burn out.  It makes perfect sense to search for ways to improve our health and well-being. I believe the growing number of our garden room clients who offer meditation, yoga and more, such as the Yorkshire Centre of Wellbeing in Harrogate, are responding to this health and wellness trend”.

While the sector is booming, the traditional players, such as salons, spas and gyms, are being challenged by the rise in people experimenting more with how and where they practice in activities that promote their physical and mental health. Ellen adds “A garden room offers flexible solutions and is the perfect multi-purpose retreat for those wishing to indulge in experiences that promote their health and well-being. There is also plenty of evidence to suggest the health benefits of green spaces, such as our gardens and the connectivity to the natural environment through space and place conditions”.

Although the UK spend on health and wellness is expected to rise from a figure of £10.3 billion in 2015 to £12.4 billion 2020, according to the company Statistica, the key drivers for success within the sector is for more personalised treatments and excellence in customer service.  Recognising this Ellen adds “We believe our growing sales in the health and wellness sector is a result of our dedicated efforts to specifically tailor our product and customer service to our clients’ expectations and aspirations from start to finish, which includes the garden room design, size, build and positioning decisions, together with pre and after sales service”.

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